If you are a type of person who loves adventurous and solo traveler and prefer to discover foreign countries by your own and experience new cultures and love to challenge yourself and explore outside your comfort area if yes so then you meant to be the adventurous traveler.

Whats being an adventurous is , seems like need short summary for some travel experiences , it involves a big range of activities include bungee jumping, hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding, sandboarding and a lot more than anything make you excite as well as travel overland by bus or trucks, city exploration and joining local festivals in a foreign countries .
have you ever wonder where you want to spend your next holiday? what is the best adventure destination? we caught it all for you check out our list of the best worlds destination to visit 2018 around the world.

  1. Thailand

The land of miracles still on the top of travel destination for backpackers , and with a good logic it has all from crazy nightlife beautiful golden temples , white sand beaches , cloudy mountains , vairity  animals and yummy cheap street food , Adventures lovers usually stay in central of Bangkok and take bus, trains or motorbike to the best adventure destinations, contemplate with the monks in Chiang Mai and diving in the turquoise ocean and in many Thai islands.

  1. Australia

If you intend to visit one of the most beautiful and interesting activities don’t forgot to pack your sunblock with several activities that make Australia one of the most adventures destination, from Cape Tribulation , the Great Barrier Reed, to Uluru, there is a lot to explore that make you never want to leave , Adventure lovers can hike, surf, eat kangaroos , also snowboard, don’t forget miss Cairns, Adventures capital of Australia, for scuba diving snorkeling, bungee jumping and white water rafting .

  1. India

Have u know that India is one of the best adventurous places to visit? What make it on the top of best adventures destination that include exploring the villages and the modest life and mountains in the Himalayas , Rajasthan desert, the crowded cities of Mumbai and Delhi, the beaches of Goa backwaters of Kerala, India is certainly one of the best destination for adventure travelers, cause there is something for everyone, Animal safaris, camel rides , skydiving, mountain trekking and without doubts it has one of the best yummy food streets in the world.

  1. New Zealand

One of the first things will pop -up on google if you search “top adventure travel destinations” it will be New Zealand, and what makes NZ one of the greatest places for Adventure travel start from bungee jumping, zorbing, flying by wire, jet boating was made up by the crazy Kiwis!Adrenaline junkies must visit Queenstown, sovereign sports capital of the world for all what we mention and a lot more!

  1. Spain

Spain is one of the best adventure travel destination in the world but the question is why?it has many interesting answers Spain is the country where you see bull and tomato fighting and has top adventures destinations as hiking the Pyrenees or walking the Santiago de Compostela, as well as you can stay with Spanish family and learn Spanish language Habla Espanol and take a siesta just like the local!

  1. United States

When speaking about fun and best outdoors activities the US is certainly one of the amazing places for adventures, Superb adventures destination involve kayaking through Yellowstone , IIama trekking, hiking the stairway to heaven on Oahu, take road trip through route 66 like Kerouac or travel along the deep South like Twain , Those who love food should visit New York, Portland, and LA fusion food and classic favorites .


  1. Costa Rica

The Central American country that is famous with the Pura Vida as well is full of adventurous places to explore. the greatest Adventures in the world waiting for in Costa Rica, Includes pounding the waves, ziplining above cloud forest lounging on the beach, as well you can try the extreme hiking through the jungles of Manuel Antonio, bungee jumping, and cave exploration.


  1. Germany

Did you know that Germany is one of the best adventurous places in the world?Deutschland is undebatably the most amazing and perfect combination of history and Adventures, will explore the gothic castles and the awesome Bavarian forest, bike or camp across the country, and learn about the notorious WW2 past by touring and discover the Berlin museums.


  1. Switzerland

While Switzerland knowing for the best chocolate, is also one of the best adventure travel locations in the world, backpackers will certainly enjoy the Alps, hiking, skiing snowboarding and paragliding to your hearts content, bike the countryside, or soak in a Swiss spa, have alpine adventures in the best adventures destination like Bern, Lucerne, and Interlaken.


  1. Morocco

Did you know Marocco is one of the best adventure travel destination in the world ?and there is a lot of reason why start from camels ride, across the sand dunes of the Sahara (desert) try some of the best foods like tagine in the best places and hike the Atlas mountains, and explore the chaotic and colorful souks in Marrakech’s medina as well you can join local homestay to practice your French or Arabic .